Sunday, August 2, 2020


1st of august - yves saint laurent august august august

Saturday, 1st of August.

We celebrated my birthday at home with family.
Unlike previous years, when we used to celebrate my birthdays abroad. But hey, it was a lovely summerday and it felt just as special as a 'holiday birthday', like the ones in Cadiz, Madrid, Pamplona, Berlin, Antwerp...

Nowadays we travel in the early and late season, so I will be celebrating my birthday probably at home more often in the future. Nothing wrong with that...

Dahlias on the table. The August flowers par excellence!

My birthday party was relaxed, with the kids, my sisters and niece. We ate cake, had lunch together at the round kitchen table and dined in the garden.

And evermore it feels kinda special Yves Saint Laurent was born also on the first of August.

His characteristic portrait, which we found in Lisbon some weeks ago, got a 'place of honor' in the hallway.