Saturday, July 25, 2020

change of scenery

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Change of scenery in our kitchen.

A tulip dining table and houseplant wall. We 'replaced' our long table and bench with Moroccan bread baskets.

Since the children both moved to their own homes, we sometimes felt a bit lost at our super long canteen table, which can accommodate 10 people. After three days breakfast and dinner at the round table in our apartment at Baixa House in Lisbon, we agreed we should have a round table in our kitchen.

I've always enjoyed dining at a cozy round table, but I did not want to say goodbye to the vintage Belgian canteen table and because of it's size (2.40 X 0.80m), it was not an option to store it elsewhere in the house. The xxl table has found a good destination at my colleague, who is now very happy with it.

I found a splendid round tulip table with a diameter of 1.20 meter, which also still fits 6 chairs if necessary.

We exchanged the white wooden chairs for two vintage garden chairs from the front garden, an old steel patio chair, we once found at a Spanish flea market and our Bertoia chair.

The new table brings a completely different atmosphere and the kitchen is much more spacious this way.

The plates on the serving cart are re-organized and the Moroccan (bread)basket collection is now displayed on another table in the kitchen.

And we found a second-hand Dutch design cross light lamp by Melis & Oostrom above the dining table.

On the table a Bordallo Pinheiro fish vase from our Portugal road trip 2017 with garden flowers.

Because there is still space for another plant on the plant bench, we adopted a chain cactus.

Usually the interior at some points have to become completely different after our vacation, because we always get so much inspiration abroad.

All in all a huge difference with minimal resources.

Change of scenery brings new energy.


  1. Een mooie sfeervolle keuken hebben jullie!!!

  2. Deze verandering vind ik zo geslaagd. Ik herken wel wat je zegt, het huis voelt zo anders nu de kinderen uit huis zijn. Onze benedenverdieping is niet groot, dus daar is niets veranderd, boven daarentegen op de 2 verdiepingen wel. Allebei een werkkamer, wat een luxe.

  3. rearranging and refreshing house interiors is so fun! yours look great.

    1. Thanks dear, we are very delighted with the round table and new corner in the kitchen. Cheers, Ingrid