Tuesday, December 22, 2020


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Ever had to say goodbye to a favorite item of clothing because of torn pieces or gaping hole?

Why throw something away, while it can also be repaired?

I once gave this handmade wooly cardigan to my friend Ank, when I was about to leave Marrakech and almost melted in my wooly cardigan. I was wearing it because I'm always cold on the plane and it didn't fit in my hand luggage.

We were saying goodbye at Mohammed's taxi and I said to Ank, you can keep this cardigan, I'll make a new one.

It became her favorite cardigan and she often wore it on chilly evenings in Marrakech. However her dog loved the sheepish garment too and played with it once a little too roughly...

She brought the damaged cardigan and asked me if I could fix it. I forgot about the 'repair project', but now I'm making a loopy patch to hide the hole.

Although I've made quite some loopy cardigans in the past, I somehow forgot how much fun working the loop stitch is.

I'm still wearing my loopy cardigan every now and then, even though it's already quite old. It's a piece that doesn't go out of style and feels wonderful soft and warm to wear.

If you al looking for a new crochet project, you can download the crochet pattern in my ETSY SHOP. And if you don't fancy 'loud' loops, you can also wear it inside out.

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