Friday, January 22, 2021

friday morning

friday morning friday morning

Friday morning.

Together at the kitchen table, Henk working from home and i'm having a day off.

We are already quite used to it, although for me it is less drastic because I still go to work at Villa Augustus 3 days a week.

The desk in the living room we hardly ever use.
I always like to sit at the kitchen table, which now is Henk's office during the day.

Especially in the morning when the sun is shining it's a lovely space, and Henk allows me to sit at his desk haha...

This morning i was working on assembling the new loopy patchwork pillow i've made this week.

We drink coffee together and both do our own thing. We're glad we have adult children and no home schooling at the kitchen table.


  1. Hej Ingrid,
    I have not been by in months it seems. you have bangs now! they are cute. So nice to be able to armchair virtual travel with you...It gets rather boring not being able to go out and about like before. Stay well!

    1. Hej Mims, thanks for dropping by! And yes, in the meantime the bangs are growing fast and the hairdresser is closed ;-) Have a nice Sunday and see you around.