Monday, July 26, 2021

a 'striped' version of the good old baby blanket

handmade baby blanket handmade baby blanket handmade baby blanket backyard baby blanket project

Baby blanket inspiration.

I choose for a 'striped' baby blanket for the future babyroom of our expected grandson. A non-obvious version wich i love, after some shuffling with 36 squares on the kitchen table.

You can find the baby blanket pattern in my ETSY SHOP.

And below some photos from years ago with different versions of the crochet pattern.

The original is from 2010.

crocheting de la luz an autumn baby boy blanket wood & wool baby blanket 2010 wood & wool picnic blanket

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  1. Its so bold and graphic....good for attracting baby attention. I am quilting two baby quilts for my friends two sons and their wives. Fun to get back into a craft again. Love seeing those old shots...I think the one of you in the overalls walking past the pinned up afghan is how I first encountered you. Been great seeing your style evolve.