Tuesday, September 28, 2021

move on marvelous marrakech

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Next week I will return to Marrakech to finally welcome our group of Adventurers.
Last year travelling to Morocco was no option, so we decided to postpone our Marvelous Marrakech retreat for a year.

And when I was in Marrakech for the last time in October 2019, I never thought it would take so long for me to return.

It feels so good to move on and it is save to travel to Marrakech. My friend Ank, owner of hotel Chambres d' Amis has already returned and she and her crew can't wait to welcome us in their Oasis in the Medina.

Last week they already had a yoga group from the Netherlands in da house and it was amazing.

Two years without visiting Marrakech seems like an eternity, for all of us it has been a crazy period.

It surely is a privilege to return to Marrakech in a start-up period where everything is so quiet and you can experience the authentic life without mass tourism.

The real countdown has begun!

I can hardly believe it, but next week we'll be walking in the streets of Marrakech a to experience a new adventure every day with a group of positive participants.

Move on and enjoy this special journey more than ever!

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  1. Hello,
    i was in January 2020 the first time in Marrakesch we live in the Medina. It was a great trip. I'm locking forward to your pictures from your journey. Have a good time!