Friday, December 31, 2021

review twenty twenty one

amsterdam winter orange mini cooper pittura di percolatore blue sky day summer in olhão antwerp - july 2021 paris in august puglia september 2021 marvelous marrakech 2021 liam-novi barcelona december 2021

Review 2021 in a nutshell.

January - Start of the year in Amsterdam. We stayed at my friend Ank's house for a few days.
February - Month of the winter walks - 10000 steps almost every day and lots in the snow.
March - The first rides in our orange Mini Cooper.
April - Slow life painting days in my studio.
May - Only a few rare beach days this spring.
June - Two weeks in southern Portugal.
July - Daytrip to Antwerp, since a long time.
August - Four days in Paris.
September - La dolce vita in Puglia
October - Marvelous Marrakech
November - Our grandson Liam-Novi is here!
December - City break in Barcelona.

2021 all in all, an emotional, eventful and memorable year with many highlights!

Happy New Years Eve to all of you!

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