Sunday, January 24, 2010

julija's shop

Thanks to a mistake by Urban Outfitters (the shop girl had forgotten to remove a security tag on one of my purchases last week and I discovered it at home) I visited Antwerp again yesterday.

Well it was a blessing in disguise because I always love visiting Antwerp and now I've discovered Julija's shop, a truly beautiful hip yarn shop, stylish and not as rigid as usual wool shops I know.

I was totally enjoying myself in there, browsing some Japanese crochet books and admiring the yarn bobbins. I bought a book with beautiful pictures and patterns. The shop staff recognized me as the 'lady of the stools'. How funny is it, that I get recognized abroad. (well at least by a wool freak)

If you ever go to Antwerp, Julija's certainly worth a visit and also go to the Superdry store located on the same square.


  1. That's a woolshop as in my dreams, blogged also about it. Love the fabrics too!

  2. Sounds like a fantastic afternoon.

  3. there a Urban Outfitters????

    also like the shop from julijas, looks great

    Antwerp here I come

  4. Really have to go there, I already bought online from julija's!

  5. See it was meant to be that you had to go back!