Tuesday, January 19, 2010

vintage schoolbag

vintage schoolbag, originally uploaded by wood & wool stool.

Last weekend I visited Antwerp and accidentally stumbled on a vintage schoolbag, similar like I used to have in high school.

Initially I thought it was a remake, because I was at Zappa, a shoe store and not in some kind of second-hand shop, but when I had a closer look I discovered the name of the former owner. Her name 'Ruth Neirinck' was handwritten with marker on the inside. I read it aloud and liked the Belgian sound of it. (Why is it so contagious to talk with a Flemish accent?)

I was thinking where my old schoolbag must have remained and all of a sudden felt so sorry that I didn't keep my own schoolbag.

Ruth's schoolbag still is in perfect condition so I bought and renamed it, like the saleslady suggested.


  1. ohhh wow, i also had a schoolbag like that - it is a pity, i don`t have it anymore! looks good - have to think about bying one.
    have a nice day...

  2. I had a school bag like that. Think I still have it somewhere, but it is not in as beautiful a condition as your's (or Ruth's). Nice - I understand why you bought it. Bente

  3. Wat een grap!
    Ik herkende meteen mijn eigen schooltas van toen ik in Tilburg op de bibliotheekacademie zat.
    Ook niet bewaard natuurlijk...

  4. Looks fab, very you - I always hate when people say that but what the heck that bag is 'very you'. How was Sissy-Boy?

  5. En wat vonden wij deze verschrikkelijk vroeger! Nu is de nostalgie heerlijk...

  6. Mijn moeder heeft die tas ook! Alleen volgens mij niet uit haar jeugd, maar uit de tijd dat ze zelf les gaf... Echt grappig! Hij staat je goed! Nog meer leuks gedaan in Antwerpen? (foto's? yes please!)

  7. My friend just showed me a leather bag similar to this one she got in a thrift shop for $8. I was SO shocked.