Friday, January 22, 2010

wood & wool clothes hangers

I love that little white antique dress. (yes it's over a hundred years old) It once belonged to my grandmother. She died at the age of 99 years when I was pregnant with Pippa. My mother gave grandma's dress to me when Pippa was born.

Although the dress is perfect and dazzling white, the white cotton fabric looks quite vulnerable. With her blonde curly hair, Pippa looked so cute in that dress, just an angel.

It's a kind of family heirloom and I will take good care of it. I used it recently to exhibit my wood & wool hangers, for a DIY production in an issue of 101 Woonideeën Magazine, a creative Dutch interior magazine.

I've produced a mini course: how to make a crochet baby hanger.

The crocheted hanger is not only striking but also very useful, nothing will slip away from the hanger. A perfect way to display a lovely garment of your child, or of course your own favorite dress or lingerie.


  1. Your little course seems to be very interesting Ingrid.
    You should do it in english. I will be client !

    PS : I got wool to crochet another slipcover for my stool. Hoping it will be as beautiful as yours !

  2. Really cute! I would love to make some if I could find some thrifted wooden hangers.

  3. Beautiful. Adds a little extra. Have a nice weekend. Bente

  4. 101-woonideeën should have used this picture in the January issue, it's brilliant! (maybe also because it is a tribute to your dear grandmother...)

  5. Love your products and your styling. It's nice to know the story behind the little dress too.

  6. Thanks for the flickr photo! It now looks so simple, and I have a good use for all my leftover yarn bits.

  7. They are so cute! My mother has made the ones I have on my blog... I am sure that she has not seen them before;o) I also have some knittet ones from the 70´s! Love them and your blog!