Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a little present from chikuwa

This morning the postman delivered a gift from Japan.

Lynn sent me a handmade stamp of my stool. Lynn is a customer from Japan who has ordered even 4 stools! One stool for herself, one stool for her partner and the third stool for her dog Chikuwa. How cool is that! Recently she ordered a pink one for her mother in Taiwan.

Lynn is a sweetheart! She always sends me sweet comments and nice photos when a stool has arrived.

Some weeks ago she announced she has a present for me; the Japanese stamp artist Norio was making a stamp for me and I got a sneak preview. This morning the surprise package from Japan arrived and it did not only contain the handmade wood & wool stool stamp with a Japanese label, but also lots of colored ink and ink pens, a few examples and a manual in Japanese.

Thank you dear Lynn, it is a very precious gift! Super sweet.

This afternoon I think I'd better enjoy stamping with my daughter.


  1. what a lovely gift. Have fun stamping today :o)

  2. Aaaw, I love the picture of the dog in front of your lovely stools! They cheer up any place :-)

  3. oh, ingrid...this is must to show your finished stamps...;)...a lovley week...

  4. Helemaal geweldig die stempel!!! Lief zo'n mooi cadeau!

  5. Jij bent een bofkont! Maar dat komt vast ook omdat je van die mooie spullen maakt....

  6. i love ur blog ad your products so much

    i'm doing a feature on you guys for my blog
    check it out :)

  7. That's such a super great fan mail you got! The stamp is really fantastic.

  8. Another awesome dog & stools image of little Olive