Saturday, February 6, 2010

custom made

The fun thing about my company is a custom made order. Some customers send an order form with a very detailed description of the product they have in mind.

It is wonderful to read this detailed description of the stool; the favorite color combination of the wool cover and even the colors of the wooden legs and crossbars.

The photo gallery on my website is often used for inspiration. It happens that I get a request for a stool as "yvonne" but with a red edge instead of a pink one.

The many names for colors are a delight. It is not just blue, but marine or petrol or sea blue or turquoise. I am not the type that only mentions the basic colors but always need to add an adjective to the color. (and it's nice to know that there are other people like me).

My wool storage is growing by the week and especially the greens and blues have quite a few variants.

The most original custom made order so far, I received this week from someone in New York. She has ordered a stool as a wedding gift for her friends and wants their wedding date carved in one of the wooden legs. How romantic is that? Like ♥ & initials carved in a tree. Once this stool is finished I will of course publish a picture.


  1. uaua!
    how beautiful is that? love the initials idea...

  2. I love descriptive colour names, how fun. Love the carved wedding date idea.

  3. wauw, prachtig.
    ik vind dat new yorkse idee echt super-romantisch!

  4. So very beautiful!!! Been meaning to comment on your latest Flickr additions also, sooooo gorgeous.

  5. feeling very soft and warm from it!

  6. How beautiful! I love the idea of the initials being carved in the stool.

  7. Ingrid, I am so glad you have so many orders and wood wool stool is growing up:). Also, I am little bit afraid that when I will order a stool for myself, you will be to busy to do it;(

  8. Such a lovely things! Love your blog! Love your granny-square-stuff!

  9. Love the stool! Beautiful! : ) Glad to have discovered your blog !