Sunday, February 21, 2010

overnight stay in lommel

Last week I stayed for two days at Yvonne's.

We always have fun and time flies when we are together and I was in for a short break...So I traveled down to my friend in Belgium. Yvonne lives with her husband Boris and cat BooBoo in a wonderful old house with lots of nice rooms and corners. The property is huge and they are busy renovating it room by room. Last time I went over the study and tv room didn't even exist yet and now they are transformed into beautiful bright rooms. The study is an inspiring place and you really want to stay in that room "for like ever". I can easily imagine Yvonne sometimes is glued to her Mac overthere.

I also love the charming bathroom with black and pale yellow tiles and the stained glass windows.

At night we watched the delightful and sweet movie Danny Deckchair in the lovely tv room. Armed with chips & crochet.

Next day we went to Turnhout and we touched almost anything in the wonderful shop Dille & Kamille.

On our way back we visited a great garden center where I bought an English chestnut fencing and some Dahlia bulbs in the most vivid colors.

After eating real Belgian fries together, I went back home.
I've enjoyed two lovely days in Lommel. Thank you Yvonne & Boris!


  1. sounds like a very nice time!!! yvonne really has a great home! like it a lot.

    have a nice day...

  2. Greetings from Pennsylvania,USA...thank you for sharing your pleasant visit. Your friend's home sounds lovely. Your stools would be perfect there. Emily Valli