Saturday, March 6, 2010

design your own life: ludde & vågö

It was not easy to get this IKEA PS Vågö chair designed by Thomas Sandell.
A typical case of love at first sight. It's perfect for outdoor use and came in the colors black, white, green & orange.

Unfortunately the easy garden chair disappeared very quickly from the PS collection and I occasionally searched on the web for a secondhand chair.

With spring approaching, I ventured once again an attempt to obtain this classic design. I finally found one and was also fortunate, it was in my favorite color and accompanied by a matching footstool. Yay!

This morning the big package arrived and the plastic seating surface was rather cold when I made a test sit, so I put my sheepskin Ludde on it and enjoyed the new Vågö while reading the newspaper.

Now the seat is moved to the backyard and I look forward to the spring, for it's a perfect chair to 'sit and hook'.


  1. And then they say IKEA designs are so mass-produced that you see & find them everywhere... Apparently this one is a collector's item! ;) I'm with you hoping for spring, I can picture you on this chair in your garden surrounded by colorful yarn!

  2. So glad your search was successful. What a gorgeous chair and it looks so good in fluffy white!

  3. Yeah, I'm happy for you!
    I like the theme you've got going... orange chairs. Hmm... orangechairaholic?

  4. I´ve been searching for these chairs as well, but without results. Once there was a nice offer on Ebay, but the winner had to pick up the two chairs, far away in Germany... :)
    Enjoy your treasures!
    Happy weekend to you and groetjes,

  5. Good for you ;) And that little sheepskin.. I was so thinking about it this morning when I was chancing some cushions with a fake fur in my bedroom... I would love to have the grey one but I have a bit of a problem with it being a dead animal ;/ maybe one day I am gonna take it home anyway.
    groetjes , desiree

  6. ik ga je trouwens even linken want je hebt een leuke site en leuke krukjes ;) vind je wel okay toch...?

  7. okay ingrid, so now i must confess i have several of these that moved with us from our last house, they are stuck out in the little shed at the bottom of the yard... i had no idea i owned an ikea design classic! i'm so excited to know that and of course come summer they will come out to play :)
    i wish mine were orange, they are just white and black, your chair looks most happy indeed :)

  8. So cute. We have wooden IKEA outdoorsy stuff, but your vibrant orange is fabulous!