Tuesday, March 2, 2010

soul sister stools

soul sister stools, originally uploaded by wood & wool stool.

Some time ago I received a request from Tif to make two more stools to join her others. She asked for two similar stools with a beautifully detailed description, including little orange border.

In her blog Dottie Angel (we're talking about a blog far beyond blogging) already confessed her addiction and even called herself a stoolaholic.

I felt a little embarrassed, for Tif had to wait quite a few weeks already, because of the 'huge' amount of orders I received recently.

While reading the post about her addiction I wrote a comment, to reassure Tif I was actually working on her covers and stools and they soon would arrive at the Mossy Shed.

Than something angelic happened. Tif asked me to send one stool to her best friend Debbie in the UK and the other one to the US, with the following statement; so they both have matching stools beside them as they crochet in the evenings, separated by miles and miles.

After nearly 30 years of being soul sisters, that's definitely a grand way to celebrate their lasting friendship and it's an incredibly sweet gesture of this angel!


  1. I love the thought! And what a lovely picture again, I especially like the beautiful greens at the bottom...bliss

  2. Dottie is a true 'angel', She blesses many people every day.

  3. wat een leuke opdrachten zijn dat!

  4. oh , I like that
    nice to hear , that you are doing well

  5. i like the stories to your stools...

    today i reread an one year old living&more and found you in there ;-) great!

    thanks for your congratulations! paul and me are very happy about it =) thanks thanks thanks

  6. i'm not sure if you are aware my dearest ingrid just how much your little crocheted stools bring joy to corners of the globe...

    all of the 'crocheted goodness' that comes from your gifted hands and Mr Hook, truly has the ability to make a little corner smile and brighten a life or two.
    i count myself most lucky to know firsthand, this to be true :)
    thanking you most kindly for creating these 'soul sister stools' for me and my soul sister
    Tif x

  7. Ooo... net gevonden op Flickr. Geweldig! Zal ook zeker heel vaak even langs komen.

  8. He he...I´m laughing about you and your clogs.

    You make the most wonderful things! Congratulation on the post on decor8! You go girl ;)

  9. that is so incredibly sweet!

    p.s. i just discovered your blog today and am *so* honored to see i'm on your blog roll. wow! (blushing). thanks a lot and am glad to have connected with you.
    xoxox nina

  10. i read Tif's blog, too - and read about her condition - stoolaholic. so sad, as there is really no cure. i wasn't able to confess on her blog, but i'll tell you a secret - i'm a chairaholic for sure. so i'm thinking of a lovely wood chair, with a lovely crochet cover and matching pillow. *sigh*

  11. what a lovely idea! the stools are beautiful and i'm sure they'll be perfect in both homes!

  12. Hi Ingrid,
    I sent you an email but I fear it may have gone to your spam folder. I'm trying to get in touch with you about featuring your shop in an upcoming issue of Crochet Today magazine. I hope you are interested-please send me a note through my website, www.lindamade.com.