Wednesday, April 7, 2010

at usine

at usine, originally uploaded by wood & wool stool.

After a busy Easter weekend at Villa Augustus, a lunch at grand cafe Usine in the Lighthouse in Eindhoven, was a good excuse to have a closer look at my wood & wool pied de stalle design. The interior of the former Philips factory (therefore the French translation usine) is quite basic and industrial. On the other hand the furniture is colored and different. The beautiful painting by Jasper Krabbé in the lounge part is truly divine. It covers the whole wall and the colors are very soft and surprising. The perfect place for another drink at the end of the afternoon and with a nice view on the new building across the street. It looks spectacular and according to the Sissy Boy lady, where I bought this green céjoli lamp, it's called the Blob. The terrace with dozens of my favorite Fermob chairs was unfortunately still in the shadow ...


  1. Hi,

    Ik ga binnenkort naar Eindhoven en ga dan zeker even langs bij Usine, even naar je plantenkrukjes kijken. Weet jij toevallig nog andere leuke dingen in Eindhoven? winkels, galerietjes etc?

  2. So stylish, as always, and what a lot of great links!

  3. @ Floddertje: Usine is zeker leuk voor een lunch of drankje en verder ken ik de weg in Eindhoven niet goed genoeg om je adviezen te geven. Dinsdag was er een markt op het plein voor Usine, dus als je daarvan houdt :)

  4. from what you're telling on your blog, on and off, about the area where you're living... i get more and more intrigued. maybe, one day, this summer, we'll 'pop over'. groetjes, :)

  5. I like Usine really close to my apartment and sometimes I spend all my afternoon there with my Mac!