Sunday, April 4, 2010

easter breakfast

easter breakfast, originally uploaded by wood & wool stool.

When I came home late last night from my job at Villa Augustus, Pippa had already made the Easter breakfast table as a surprise for me and I was thrilled and proud to see it looked perfectly. I only added the beautiful colored eggs I brought home from work.

In the morning we boiled some fresh eggs because the colored ones have been boiled days ago and a boiled egg should be fresh and warm.

The beautiful fruit and flower plates and aluminum jug were an 'Easter' gift from Henk. He bought them yesterday at Intermezzo in Dordrecht.

The sweet surprises made it a good start to Easter.


  1. What a sweet daughter and wonderful surprise!! The table looks just gorgeous... Have a wonderful Easter!


  2. Your Henk has a good taste! And your Pippa - nice to have such a good daughter! Lucky you!

  3. Whaw!!!
    Wish I could have shared your table ;-)))

    Enjoy the beginning of this promising springtime!

  4. What a beautiful table! I love the neutral backdrop to the fresh flowers and the interesting coloured eggs.

  5. You are SO lucky!