Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the garden

the garden, originally uploaded by wood & wool stool.

Actually I have a lot of work to do in my home. On Friday, Masami Kita with her Japanese team will visit my place for a photoshoot and it will be featured in a Dutch edition of the Japanse interior book Editions de Paris, but the house is not quite ready for this. Pippa's bedroom is a (constant) mess and to be honest the whole house could use a spring cleaning.

After a few hours I decided to have a little break in the garden, because it's such a sunny day. I moved to the bench to have a cold drink and I took my crochet basket, because I have quite a few orders to go. During this break I just worked on a pillow for Silvia from Sisi.

After an hour I went on my bike to the supermarket, because the fridge is empty and then back to work. First I checked my mail at my workspace on the attic (wrong; I can't help drifting to the web) and had a good view on the white bench and greenest grass ever in the backyard. The yellow mossy stuff that once used to be green grass is replaced by a new turf and what we call a velvet tree is planted.

The garden is flirting with me and you know what, I'll do the housekeeping tomorrow.


  1. Your garden is so organized!!!
    Great view!

  2. en je hebt groot gelijk! Ik vind de boekjes uit de japanse series juist zo leuk omdat het echte huizen zijn, met volle planken, en niet bewerkt door een stylist. Of ik bedenk me nu dat dat misschien helemaal niet waar is, maar dat ze me dan heel erg goed voor de gek houden ;-)!

  3. this is my kind of garden, it's gorgeous :)

  4. Your garden is so lovely! I do know what you mean though. Sunshine, gardens, crochet, the internet, they are all distractions from housework!!!!
    Vivienne x

  5. Hoi Ingrid,
    Wat leuk! Fijn dat de lente is aangebroken. Ik hoop dat jullie nieuwe boom snel aanslaat. Begrijp ik nou goed dat er een Nederlandse versie van die Japanse boekjes komt en dat jouw huis erin komt? Erg leuk!
    Hartelijke groet,

  6. What a wonderful garden! I love the picture. Lucky you! And, I totally agree, let the housework wait. Spending time in the garden on a sunny day is much more important.
    Have a nice day!

  7. i love your garden Ingrid! what a great space. how exciting that your home is going to be in a book. it sounds like you had a lovely day even if the spring cleaning had to wait! :-))

  8. Your garden is just beautiful Ingrid! I wish I had at least a garden, and definitely yours would be an inspiration!!! ;)

  9. haha herkenbaar, …deze aardige damens kwamen ook hier een bezoekje brengen

    …en wat een mooi groen gras!