Tuesday, June 15, 2010

orange mood

orange mood, originally uploaded by wood & wool stool.

The World Cup circus isn't exactly my cup of tea, but this dutch laundry brings me in the orange mood.


  1. Ha, eens wat anders dan de ge-ijkte oranje vlaggetjes! Leuk!!

  2. Such a crazy idea but looks fabulous!
    It is not my cup of tea as well but because today is a match - Brazil vs North Korea -(!!!) I just can not resist to watch it, (especially I am curious about the North Korean team!)

  3. nice I like it - I've got a photo for the England game - which I will upload for tomorrow as i think thats when they play next :)

  4. haha dit is inderdaad leuk. Ik ben er ook allesbehalve uitbundig in, alhoewel ik de oranje jip en janneke shirtjes bij de Hema bijna niet kon weerstaan ;-)