Thursday, June 17, 2010

wood & wool stool meets household hardware

Approximately one year ago I met Anke of Household Hardware in her shop at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam.

After a few minutes there was a click and we had a nice conversation about stools & crochet & Morocco; our cooperation plan was born.

Household Hardware imports handmade stools of recycled wood from Marrakech and at that time Anke just started a crochet project with Moroccan women. What a coincidence! She suggested it would be great to produce my design of the traditional crochet cover for the wood & wood stool in Morocco. I made some samples in different colors in the most traditonal pattern and after one year of development, the stools are now available in the wholesale.

The large orders that are impossible for me to make myself, can now be processed.
The design seems to be a success and the stools have been purchased by several European shops in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Ibiza en London.

Meanwhile I have designed the prototype of a pouf, so the collection will soon be expanded.

Today I met Anke in the wholesale in Amsterdam and we are both very happy with the outcome of our cooperation.

I still continue to make stools in a variety of patterns and colors, as I have done so far. It always remains possible, to order a wood & wool stool in your favorite color and pattern. I've been inspired by this 'adventure' to design new stools and products.

By the way, Anke's beautiful (bed & breakfast) home Chambre Demi in Marrakech is featured in the June issue of Elle Wonen.


  1. I am so happy with this news!!! I knew it would be like that!!!Congratulations!!!

  2. Gefeliciteerd, wat fantastisch!! Ziet er prachtig en heerlijk kleurrijk uit!

  3. hee wat goed zeg!

    ...en werd op flickr verliefd op marjon 1

  4. lovely story - love the stools and the crochet seat covers

  5. The puf is great, I like a lot. And those colours...great idea.

  6. What a fantastic idea! Love, Amanda xx

  7. You have such gorgeous products in your store. Love the stools and the colors! Wishing you success :)

  8. Wauw! Wat goed!!
    dikke kus van Arjanne

  9. they look wonderful. wishing you much success!

  10. wat een goede, goede combinatie! super!

  11. A, dat verklaart ook wel wat over dat artikel, dat was natuurlijk Ankies huis! Ik stuur het je nog op, was even heel druk met een sollicitatie, maar ik heb de baan!

  12. Hi I really enjoy your blog & your beautiful creations.
    A friend of mine,Jane had started a blog you might like to take a look... She imports goods in from Tunisia... You might like where she is at!?