Sunday, August 22, 2010

greek delights (part six)

fishing boat, originally uploaded by wood & wool stool.

part six: greek fishing boats and especially the sight of all the colorful stuff on board


  1. Aaaaaahhhh. Looked through your Flickr and it all brings me back to when me and big bro were back packing in Greece, sometimes in the 90's. It is sooooo beautiful and inspiring. I have now started to dream about exploring the Greek islands with my husband one day... It might be possible in a year or two (kids still small...). Thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh, het ziet er zo mooi en zonnig uit allemaal! Leuk dat je er weer bent, ik ook weer (sinds gisteren). Ga gauw al je mooie foto's op Flickr uitgebreid bekijken!

  3. Oh gosh, this reminds me of Sweet Water Bay near Loutro - did you go there? I love Crete and have spent 6 weeks there in all.