Monday, July 11, 2011

happy hare, blue buttons & mollie makes

Isabel Lammerts makes Lucky Hares ('gelukshazen') of Chinese newspapers and gives them outfits of recycled colored paper.
She will soon travel the world with her family and remains making 'gelukshazen' during her trip, using local newspapers. You can order the unique handmade hares at her shop 'vergeet-me-niet'.

The blue buttons are from Lammie sells and the cobalt blue color blends beautifully with the new 'beach house' wall.

Mollie makes me proud publishing my work in issue two. Mollie Makes is about Living & Loving handmade and it's a good read and inspiration for all crafty souls.
I'm a fan and will definitely subscribe to the magazine, because it's not for sale in the Netherlands (yet).


  1. Hi Ingrid!
    I love Mollie makes too! But I can't buy it in Spain? Did you buy it i¡on internet!
    I am keeping following as ever! I love your work! Congratulations to appear in that beautiful magazine!

  2. Beautiful display and I love that bunny!
    Mollie Makes is a great mag, I am loving it!

  3. I want Mollie so badly....

    enjoy summer

  4. Love the bunny
    and the buttons
    and the wall
    and the mag...

  5. Mollie Makes me visit your blog and store and I like it! ;)

  6. Very nice picture, indeed a nice magazine!