Friday, October 14, 2011

deux jours a paris

deux jours a paris by wood & wool stool
deux jours a paris, a photo by wood & wool stool on Flickr.

There's always plenty of things to discover in Paris.
First of all, traveling with Thalys seemed a relief (7am departure from Rotterdam and at 9.30am drinking coffee on a terrace near Gare du Nord)
This time we walked 'all' the little side streets in le Marais.
Merci is a new favorite(!) and we had a wonderful lunch in the basement. At the end of the day we checked in at Mama Shelter, a cool hotel right behind Père Lachaise.
After dinner we had a midnight visit at the Eiffel Tower.
The next morning we walked via Pont Neuf (haven't participated the "love locks" craze) to Saint Germain.
We walked a marathon in two days (luckily I was smart enough to wear my red Adidas) and tired but satisfied we were happy to relax for some hours on the train.


  1. Oooh, I'm looking forward to travel soon to Paris, too! Lovely Deuche card, remembers me when I celebrated 50th birthday of 2CV in Paris many years ago!

  2. beautiful way to spend two days, let me tell you! :):)