Saturday, October 8, 2011

fresh from the colored woods - x mas trees for sale!

It's the 4th year of the 'green' tree already.
Though it's only Oktober and you feel like it's way too early to even think about Chirstmas, these trees are for sale now.
I've sold the first one in June this year, so you don't have to feel ashamed...
The traditional x-mas trees are € 25 and the stamped version is € 30 (excluding shipping costs)
The stamped version has already been sold and is just an example. You can have your tree stamped with your own personal text.
Just send me an e-mail...


  1. not too early, I also sew already Christmas decorations. greetings from poland

  2. Beautiful!

    hi Im a jewelry designer,and today inaugurate my webshop,invite you to see my necklaces collection
    I hope you like it thanks

  3. Mooi zijn ze weer! Krijg bijna zin om die van mij weer op te hangen...♥Judith

  4. Hi,
    I`ve got my tree from you in August and I love him very much. I didn`t thank you yet, because I wanted to show you his place in his new home.He had to get a companion on the wall, and finally he`s found a little wooden window to live together with him. So I`ll send you a picture of them soon.
    Liebe Grüße, Ulli

  5. Jaaa die met het rode topje graag! Mooi mooi mooi!

    Hoe pak ik dat aan? Want ik zie deze collectie nog niet op je etsy shop?

    groeten, nienke

  6. Uy!! Hot news!!

    Rodica is very nice, drop her an email and she can tell you about the little houses.

    Have a lovely stay in the city of Love!


  7. I just found your site, wow, these are beautiful!