Wednesday, October 5, 2011

[stamped] wood & wool x-mas tree

The traditional wood & wool x-mas trees will be for sale soon.
It's still early, but this tree is 'allowed' throughout the year.
For the next few days, I'll be chopping wood.
Saturdaynight you can pick yourself a nice tree from the wood & wool x-mas tree stall.
Apart from the usual tree you can also order a tree with a stamped text.
For example [a very merry x-mas and a happy new year] or your own personal text.
The price of a recycled 'green' and reusable tree is still € 25 and a stamped version will cost you € 5 extra.
Armed with ax and saw I go now into the woods, looking for some pink, red and pale blue wood...


  1. It looks lovely!
    I will have to do some sawing myself the next days. Our new, little rabbit gnawed his harness off today and went for a stroll on his own. Luckily I managed to capture him again, but we now need a more lasting solution for his free time. So I will make him a big cage without a bottom that can be moved around in the garden. Wish you were here to help me build a more stylish rabbit cage!

  2. off she goes...The Woodwoman...we will wait for her till saturdaynight...


  3. I would love have one ;) or make it two So we can run a giveaway on my new concept page!

  4. A very merry x mas to you as well;) Why not! Let's celebrate it right now, even longer, to next year) ;). I love your christmas tree, these colours and a new idea with a text!

  5. heerlijk hij mag hier straks ook weer uit de doos!
    dank voor de mooie woodsigns en het lieve hangertje
    lfs maike