Wednesday, December 7, 2011

dark days before christmas

The dark days before Christmas, do have bright spots too.

The colored lights in the tree, you can see from a distance when you enter the street. (sorry to those who do not love the bright LEDs) and the sparkling lights from inside.

A wooden crate with winter fruits. Juicy orange tangerines wíth leaves and twigs.

Long evenings and lots of time for a good read or a nice movie.

Within a few days we will make a new xxl wood & wool x-mas tree for our home.
(it's about time, for someone starting to make x-mas trees since October)

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  1. Wie houdt er nou niet van dat soort mooie kleurrijke lampjes? ;) Ik sta soms met mijn ogen te knipperen bij de enorme lichtinstallaties die sommige mensen deze dagen in en rond hun huis installeren, ik vind dit heel beschaafd! ;)