Wednesday, December 28, 2011

wooden 'witje'

wooden 'witje' by wood & wool stool
wooden 'witje', a photo by wood & wool stool on Flickr.

Approximately one week ago, I read the announcement of Deborah, about her new Kickcan & Conkers webshop.

Naturally I went straight to the shop and fell in love with a pull-along wooden horse.

That day I bought a horse (very impulsive) and today, at the end of the afternoon, the package from France was delivered and from now I own a horse.

Quite obvious I will call my horse 'Witje' (as in the Dutch Pippi Langkous tv series, because the horse looks very similar to Pippi's horse Lilla Gubben)

Oh, and although it's way too dark to make a proper picture of my new horse, I made it anyway.


  1. Hey Ingrid, glad it arrived safely in the Christmas post :) So nice to know and see that it's gone to a great home. Enjoy!

  2. Wonderful! I saw that horse, and loved it too. Glad it went to such a sweet home!