Friday, December 9, 2011

wood & wool pet x-mas tree

This tiny tree I've made for Chikuwa.
Chikuwa is a French bulldog who lives in Japan.

Lynn asked me to make a xxs tree for her cute Chikuwa.

This awesome dog has a doggie blog and is already owner of a wood & wool stool.

Since "normal" Christmas trees in her house often not do survive (demolition cat), Nikki ordered ​​a cat-proof x-mas tree (at least that's the idea)


  1. thank you ingrid! the boyish tone is perfect for Chikuwa!
    so excited our christmas will be powered by wood&wool stool company again :)

    cat-proof x-mas tree sounds awesome!
    can't wait to see the picture ;-)

  2. hahaha, perfect for Chickuwa;-)!