Saturday, November 30, 2013

red beanies project

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This week i've knitted three red beanies.

Pippa asked me to make a thight red beanie for her some weeks ago.
So I ordered a crochet kit with two red balls of 100% wool and a crochet needle at we are knitters™.
Pippa's beanie was ready in less than 2 hours. She loves it and I made another one for a sweet friend the next day. I could easily make two thight beanie out of one ball of wool and so had enough wool left to make myself another beanie in red. (like my brown beanie) It's lovely to wear, so warm and soft!

Finally I decided to knit the three hats anyway and did use the crochet needle only to make a big red heart... Knitting with needles No 15 goes like a rocket!


  1. mooi plaatje; de muts, de omgeving en de vrouw

  2. really love this! is it knit or crochet? and what stitch did you use---its fabulous! xoxo