Sunday, November 3, 2013

warm wee wear

wood & wool wearwood & wool wearwood & wool wearwood & wool wear

Brandnew mittens! I've made myself some fingerless mittens, for the fall season.
The pair of wrist worms by Sandra Juto I've bought some years ago, are favorite this time of year. I love to wear them!

I do like my wood & wool wee wear design so much and thought it would be great to make myself a wee pair of mittens!

They've become even cuter I had hoped and are nice and warm! So now there's some wee wear for everyone!


  1. Ik vind ze prachtig! #lievesint...

  2. Such a fun pattern to jazz up the cold months!

  3. Kan ik ze ook zo bestellen en het bedrag naar je rekening overmaken? Ik heb nl geen paypal

  4. They're lovely & look really warm & snug. :)