Saturday, April 5, 2014

year of the pineapple

year of the pineappleyear of the pineapple

2014, year of the pineapple!

Last week we found this pineapple lamp in Ghent.
We could not resist it and decided to take the showy table lamp along.
(with the consequence that my love has walked around all afternoon with a big carton)

The pineapple lamp is well worth dragging around, for we are very happy with the tasty shiny piece of fruit in the living room.
Pippa suggested that she would like to inherit the showpiece... sometime.


  1. Heb er ooit zo eentje laten staan in de kringloop, en dat beklaag ik me jaren later nog altijd... Geweldige lamp :-) !

  2. Bonito Blog besos desde España