Saturday, January 10, 2015

wool from the souk

wool from the soukwool from the souk

My good intention for 2015 is to organize my wool stock more visible.

The week all started out promising with the reorganization of my wool stock in the cool wool locker on Tuesday.

Every time I open the locker, I tend to leave the door open.

Some of the wool I've bought in the souk in Marrakech, during the cool crochet workshop in April 2014, was still was hidden in a bag in the attic.
What a shame!

I've pinned the wool from the souk on the wall for the time being and I'll probably make a wooly cardigan of the stunning strands soon.

Before you know it, it's April and a new COOL CROCHET workshop will start...

Wool heaven in Marrakech is 'dangerous' for wool addicts, the yarn is very affordable, so you want to stuff up your suitcase.


  1. The cool crochet workshop is one of my big dreams for 2015 but it will be hard to realize...

  2. Geweldig! het lijkt me heerlijk om faar te wolshoppen;-)

  3. Wat prachtige wol en mooie kleuren.
    Dat moet schitterend zijn daar in Marrakech!

  4. Mooie wol met prachtige kleuren!
    Dat moet schitterend zijn daar in Marrakech!

  5. Both of the yarns are so beautiful! The cardigan is such a lovely idea.:-) I would love to go to Marrakech!

  6. Hola Ingrid
    me gustaria mucho hacer el crochet workshop, Usted habla también español?
    saludos desde Canarias

    1. Hola Maria!
      You can join, but the workshop is in English ;)
      usted puede participar, hablamos Inglés.