Tuesday, January 13, 2015

knit knit knit knit

knitted sweater dress

Currently I'm knitting another sweater dress.

I like to wear my first k n i t t e d sweater dress daily, it's my uniform.

It has become quite obvious to me, that I need a black version too.

Online I've seen cool versions of my KNITTED SWEATER DRESS PATTERN in grey and striped.

I've started quite a while ago and had some crochet side projects in the meantime.

It's quite an easy project, but the thing is I'm most in my element with one hook instead of two needles.

So my challenge is to finish the black dress, before I start something new...


  1. Don't give up Ingrid!! The effort is worth it. Your gray version is beautiful and so will be the black one!! �� cariños, Miriam

  2. I really understand you about thinking the thing after between crocheting something. I have a long list to crochet too.
    Unfortunatly, I have a long list to draw, a long list to paint and a long list to knit !

  3. ...clicked preview and my comment disappeared :-(
    Once again: you should try circular knitting needles. The weight of your knitting seems to be less, it is easier to handle, you better can take it whereever you wanna knit. In Germany (where I live) knitting needles are much more popular than in NL. I often visit NL-yarnshops, lots of them don't offer circular needles, only short ones for hats etc. Just try bamboo circular needles!
    regards, Heidi

    1. Thanks for writing once more :) i will give it a go with circular needles! Ahoy, Ingrid

  4. Oh yes! I have knitted your dress in black, a little longer than the pattern told me to. Must say, it feels like a second skin and agree that it has to be worn every single day.


  5. Ik heb ook zwarte wol klaar liggen maar moet nog beginnen!

  6. I love this dress! Fortunately I got the original yarn in Luxembourg (and it was only available in black, the back part is already in progress.) But where can I find those grey and striped dresses online for some inspiration?
    Thanks for the pattern,

    1. Hej Steffi, have a look on Instagram #knittedsweaterdress @langiusdesign @ohlalahydi @natasmul