Friday, February 12, 2016

turquoise & tassels

wood & wool stool wood & wool stool wood & wool stool wood & wool stool

A new stool, I made a linen look cover with turquoise yarn from Marrakech.
It's soft blend of cotton and wool with tiny spots in a slightly different turquoise.
Beautiful material. (I even have a beanie of it)

I've put down the new pastel stool in the Etsy shop this afternoon.

With of without tassels. It's up to you.


  1. This is perfect! Lovely turquoise, and I certainly like it WITH tassels!
    Have a nice weekend, Sigrid

  2. Wat een prachtige kleur en zo leuk met die franjes!

  3. Love the pattern...such a great texture. The combination of white and turquoise is gorgeous!

  4. Ooh! Now this is a new look, and it's beautiful.

  5. Nice colour of thread !
    I'm looking forward to visit the wool part of the souk in april with your group !