Thursday, September 29, 2016

knit purl repeat

knit purl repeat knit purl repeat

Knit purl repeat.

Best way for me to relax is to knit (or crochet of course).

Did you know crochet and knitting boost relaxation for nearly everyone who picks up hooks and needles?

This is the new sweater I'm working on (see previous post). I will make a shorter version of the knitted sweater dress for a change, in a great colour that goes with everything.

So I'm knitting on the rug; knitpurlrepeat...


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    1. en je kunt ondertussen gewoon een film kijken bij deze steek :-)

  2. I'll be in paris next we for my birthday so i think that i'll buy there yarn to knit (later in winter) the sweater dress. so let's go on your etsy shop !!!

    1. Oui oui, Rue Pernelle ;-) i didn't know (you will love the yarn) enjoy the weekend! Xx

  3. That yarn found it's way to my crochetbasket also.....making little cardigans for my girls, but maybe it is time to pick up some knittingneedles and go on a little adventure for myself....:)
    Enjoy next week! Some day, I will join you.....

    1. Mooie kleur hè!? en dankjewel, je zult het geweldig vinden :-) fijn weekend!