Wednesday, September 28, 2016

that time of year again

knitted sweater dress

Seasonal wardrobe update.

How I love this time of year, when you have to wear a cardigan or sweater at night.

I have two sweater dresses, a black and a natural colored one and I've been living in those sweaters during the last two years. Time to make something new, a shorter version, in a different colour.
So after I finished all the cool crochet workshop preparations for next week, I started a new knitting project this afternoon.

I'm planning to make a sweater this time (instead of a sweater dress) with some beautiful pale pink tweed yarn.

If you need a knitted sweater(dress) in your wardrobe, you can find the P A T T E R N in my Etsy shop.

(photo from 2015, because it's too dark to take a photo of the new knitting project)


  1. it's one of my project for this winter but at this moment, i'm knitting for a baby, after i have to knit a loopi cardigan for my friend. I didn't find time to crochet your woodwoolstool wooly cardigan since last year.... it's a pity.... days are too short !!!!!

    1. I know, too many projects you want to work on. Most of the time i have several 'side-projects' and during autumn and winter i always have more time and inspiration for woolprojects! X