Monday, May 1, 2017

s l o w crochet

slow crochet les turtles

I'm off to Marrakech.

From Wednesday - Monday we will travel in and around Marrakech with our wool baskets to experience new adventures.

I'm looking forward to stay in Marrakech for a long time and absorb all the colours, sounds and flavors.

We will start on Wednesday with the 7th edition of the Cool Crochet Workshop and I can't wait to meet the new fellow crocheteers (from Belgium, Canada, France, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Sweden and Switzerland) and to see old friends again.

After a week of crochet travels we will start a brandnew g r e e n adventure with the 1st edition of the Green Gardens workshop; #greenisthetheme

So no new posts or updates on my blog for a while, but you can follow our adventures on Instagram @woodwoolstool and #coolcrochetworkshop #greengardensworkshop #woodwoolstool #chambresdamis ...

Au revoir!

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