Monday, March 12, 2018

approaching spring

rotterdam by jarmusch rotterdam by jarmusch rotterdam by jarmusch rotterdam by jarmusch rotterdam ace & tate rotterdam ace & Tate rotterdam bijenkorf rotterdam

Happy Monday, friends!

How was your weekend?

On Friday we went to Rotterdam and started with coffee at By Jarmusch, the newest 'breakfast' spot in town.
We took a seat at the counter, where coffee is always brewed fresh and poured at your table by a waitress, dressed in an old style dinner lady uniform.
We already had breakfast at home, but if breakfast is your most important meal of the day, you can have it exactly the way you want it overthere.

Next we went to Ace & Tate to adjust my new frame, because the nose bridge of my new sunglasses was annoyingly uncomfortable. It was a piece of cake for the optician to adjust the shape and now it fits perfectly.

I am ready for sunshine and Marrakech-proof! (only 4 weeks to go...) Soon I'll be standing beside real palm trees again instead of street art palm trees.

I love this time of year, because everything comes alive and you know that within some weeks it's spring again!
Sure, the winter months were cold but now we’ve turned the corner into spring and the days are longer, warmer and brighter.

Have a great week!

'Palmtree' streetart by Gino Bud Hoiting.

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