Wednesday, March 21, 2018

get up and go

get up and go

Spring has sprung! Yippee!

The change of season, also means change of wardrobe.
At the moment I've started unpacking my spring-summer collection from the attic, for the upcoming trip to Marrakech.
No doubt I will bring my kaftans in my suitcase to Marrakech. Some cardigans and sweaters, in case it cools down a bit in the evenings.

What to wear in the in-between-season?
Will it be cold, warm or somewhere in-between?
For heaven's sake, what do you wear when transitioning from season to season?
Right now, it can be a really confusing time to get dressed in the morning.
This week, I started wearing a woolen beanie on my way to work on my bike in the morning. Somewhere around lunchtime you can easily sit outside in the sun, wearing a cardigan.

My advice and solution; layer up with pops of color, to keep your in-between outfit bright.

I have found this nice snug sweater, not too thick and more comfortable than a woolen sweater.
Love the fresh and unusual color combination (exactly as the beanie) and that 'get up and go' attitude!
... and the palm by all means fits completely in my 'palm tree period'.

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  1. I find thin vests of cotton are good for layering too, not having "arms" they provide warmth for your core, but not too hot to wear. Transition dressing so confusing, esp when the weather cannot make up her mind!