Monday, September 23, 2019

lilac knitted one-piece sweater

knitted sweater lilac

First autumn day and I am in the mood to knit. Do you recognize this behavior?

I found some soft lilac yarn at Zeeman, named Julia and I decided to knit a new one-piece sweater.

It goes pretty fast with knitting needle 8mm and it's super easy to knit this one-piece sweater.

My new favorite color is lilac. It started with my lilac jumpsuit that I bought in Vienna in March. Since then I notice that it is slowly becoming my favorite color. Lilac looks great with many colors.

You can find the knitted one-piece sweater pattern in my Etsy shop. The Julia yarn is also available in other beautiful colors, in case you are not to keen about lilac. You need about 6 balls of Julia yarn for the sweater.