Sunday, March 15, 2020

creative cocooning - all patterns 1 euro

wool working creative cocooning

Creative cocooning without cinema, concerts, school, sports, work etc.

Try to stay at home if you can for a while.
It’s an unforeseeable period and we have to deal with it. A new way of life.
And try to spend the days indoors by entertaining yourself with things you never find time for and stay positive.

Being creative can help you to spend your days indoors. Crafting can be very meditative.
Staying at home and not only watch tv, Netflix or read books and magazines, but strive to be creative and experience the calming effect of crochet and knitting.

Many of you might have plenty of yarn in da house to start a new project. Furthermore you can download patterns you can make with yarn leftovers, in case you don't have that much stock.

All crochet- and knitting patterns in my ETSY SHOP are € 1,00 now.

You can find 25 patterns, most crochet but also knitting, smaller and larger projects, for beginners and advanced.

I will donate the proceeds from the Etsy orders to a Corona fund.

We are in this together.

Take care.


PS: I haven't worked out the above project yet, it's my current project - diagonally striped mittens - however I will try my best to write the pattern soon.


  1. Thank you so much for this very generous offer, Ingrid and for such a worthy cause. I now have another 3 projects to add to my 'cocooning' list, if and when the need arises. Be well.

    1. Thanks dear, i hope you will enjoy your creative projects, whenever you 'need' some calming crafting. Take care!