Thursday, April 2, 2020

spring cleaning

spring cleaning spring cleaning spring cleaning spring cleaning

Being homebound for the upcoming weeks, is bringing me also in a major spring cleaning mood.

You all know me a bit, i get bored of the same old look so i like to change things up now and then. I took spring cleaning to another level.

So I ordered some lilac fabric paint to re-use one of our 'boring' white duvet covers. I think this could be a cool combination with the moroccan pink panelled wall behind our bed in the new bedroom.

So I dyed the duvet cover and pillow cases in the washing machine. Exicting experiment.

I was curious about the result of the lilac color as it is quite a large piece of fabric, so I watched the washing program for the first 5 minutes.

Mission lilac was successful.

I will paint the wooden floor tomorrow. The white paint can dry for a few days and after the weekend we can continue with the best part, decorating our new bedroom.

and Minne called me Laa-Laa yesterday, because my outfit reminded him of the yellow teletubby...

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