Friday, September 25, 2020

handmade harlequin pillow in moroccan hues

woodwoolstool harlequin pillow woodwoolstool harlequin pillow woodwoolstool harlequin pillow

New handmade harlequin pillow in my Etsy shop.

A moroccan inspired version of the pillows I made before.

The basic color is moroccan pink, almost the same shade as the panelled wall in our bedroom, combined with bright and spicy colors which are completely common in Marrakech.

I started this harlequin pillow project on one of the last days on the ferry to Ilha do Farol, so also a tiny portuguese touch. (when I bring my hook and yarn on holiday, I hardly ever touch it, but if I don't, I always miss it haha...)

I recently finished the pillow and it turned out surprisingly warm, due to the use of characteristic colors.

This week I sold two(!) of my handmade pillows on Etsy, one of which goes all the way to Australia. Do you know i still make a dance of joy when i wake up in the morning and discover, someone on the other side of the world bought one of my handmade items overnight?

Since autumn has made its entrance here, I'm working on all kinds of crochet projects again. I wonder if you guys also get straightaway back into crochet mode in September?

Well, if you want to make your own harlequin pillow, you can download this pillow pattern from my Etsy shop. You can use yarn leftovers and for the base a fresh ball of yarn in your favorite color.

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