Saturday, October 3, 2020


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Otherwise I would now have been busy packing my suitcase to leave for Marrakech next Monday.

I'm gonna miss the Red City, medina life, the Atlas Mountains, the Agafay desert, the gardens, the adventures with the group, the cosy dinners on the roof terrace at Chambres d'Amis, the blissful breakfasts on the roof terrace at Chambres d'Amis, the lovely and caring staff, the sound of the prayers, the hustle and bustle of the city, the harira soup on the Jemaa el Fna and Cafe des Epices, being in a completely different world for some weeks. Well actually, i'm gonna miss everything that makes this trip so special and unforgettable...

Already in August we decided to cancel the planned Marvelous Marrakech workshop from the 7th - 13th of October.

For a long time it still seemed possible to travel to Morocco, October sounded far away and we remained optimistic.

Unfortunately we have to accept that traveling to Morocco is really not an option for the time being. And it remains difficult for everyone because there is no perspective.

Therefore we have decided to cancel the Marvelous Marrakech retreat in October 2020, but to postpone it to 2021.

Of course it's very unpleasant and a disappointment for the 14 participants, Chambres d'Amis, Ank and me, but for the people in Morocco is much worse. The inhabitants in the medina generally have no income and the majority depend on tourism.

The artisans we work with during the workshops, such as Aisha who normally sells her handmade items on the Place des Epices, now have no income at all. This year we cannot sponsor Aisha in the way we normally do.

I still have some of her handmade beanies from last year and they are now for sale in my Etsy shop and I will make sure all proceeds go directly to Aisha.

So no reunion with all dear folks in October, but we have to stay positive and hope for a vaccine soon.

I will miss Marrakech, everything and everyone enormously and keep my fingers crossed we will be able to travel to Marrakech in a safe and responsible way next year...

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