Thursday, October 8, 2020

white beechwood chairs

canteen table in the kitchen

The canteen table in our kitchen has been replaced by a round tulip table.

We are very happy with it. We have more space and Henk often works at home these days, so the table also serves as desk.

The canteen table found a new home at my colleague, who is very happy with it and fits perfectly in her beautiful home. We even had a cup of coffee at our old canteen table last weekend!

We also replaced the wooden chairs by 4 vintage chairs we already had in the house (and garden).

The white beechwood chairs are stored upstairs in my studio. The children both have kitchen chairs and do not need them. I don't use the chairs and they don't bother me either, but it would be nice if someone else could use them.

Therefore i have offered them for sale on MARKTPLAATS.
The 6 chairs white beachwood chairs are used (of course) but in good condition.

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