Sunday, October 25, 2020

shukran caro

carolien & aisha marrakech october 2019 marrakech april 2017

I recently posted about the beanies that Aisha made on Place des Epices. Because we unfortunately can't sponsor her during the workshops this year, I figured out a way to support her anyway and sold some of the beanies she made before.

Shortly after I found out Caroline (a lovely lady from the Netherlands, who I met at hotel Chambres d'Amis last year and once more at Villa Augustus afterwards) happened to be in Marrakech to prepare her future group trips to Morocco. I follow her on Instagram and found out by chance she was in Marrakech, because of her Instagram stories.

So I send her a message and asked her for a favor:
If she could an would be so kind to hand Aisha the money for her 'famous' handmade moroccan beanies. She immediately responded very enthusiastically and I knew she was the right person to do this, because she cares about the Moroccan people, especially now, just like me.

So Caroline went looking for Aisha, with the 2 photos I sent her. A photo of Aisha at Chambres d'Amis and a photo of Aisha and me, so she could explain to Aisha, what this was all about. Since Aisha is currently not working on Place des Epices, it was not that easy to find her. With the help of a guide and asking around many people in the medina, she found her eventually.

She sent me a picture of the Aisha and her together in the Medina; support mission accomplished! It made my day, I love it when things work out so well and Aisha was super happy! Caroline was also very pleased to be able to help with this mission.

Shukran dear Caro, thanks for your help and commitment and of course also a huge thanks to the ones who bought a beanie in my Etsy shop.

Let's hope we can meet and work with Aisha herself again next year.

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