Tuesday, October 20, 2020

diagonal striped sweater - crochet pattern

woodwoolstool diagonal striped one piece sweater - crochet pattern

Autumn is here, no escape!

Not my most favorite season, but I do love the autumn and winter wardrobe. And I am especially talking about the warm sweaters and cardigans.

What I also love to do is, design something new again!

I've been working on a new design for the past few weeks, a handmade sweater with a new twist.

I'm fond to create and like to figure out how to design a new sweater. After a few knitted sweaters, I wanted to crochet a sweater. I drew some designs, with lots of color and soon I came up with the idea of a graphic design with diagonal stripes. After a few tries, I had it all sorted out. I took a few balls of tweed yarn from my wool cabinet and the color scheme came naturally.

To actually make the sweater was a lot of fun and I am delighted with the end result. I figured it might be a cool design for a new crochet pattern.

Well I can assure you that making this sweater with my crochet hook was quite a lot easier, than working out the pattern properly and making a graphical chart template with colors and rows. However, I also like this challenge and give myself plenty of time for it.

I made a crochet pattern in English and Dutch and you can download the DIAGONAL STRIPED ONE PIECE SWEATER from my ETSY SHOP.

This one-piece sweater is one size (S/ M) and it's easier to make than you might think. The nice thing about this design, is to crochet a unique handmade sweater yourself with your favorite colors.

I'm curious what you think of it. Cool? flashy? or way too colorful ;-)

Now that we are forced to stay inside more or less, it's wonderful to be able to focus on a new project. Right?

So if you feel like making it too? Jump to my Etsy shop and promise me to show me your version, once it's finished!