Wednesday, October 28, 2020

sweater weather - part two

diagonal striped sweater diagonal striped sweater diagonal striped sweater pattern

Sweater weather part two!
I like the autumn and winter wardrobe. And I am especially talking about handmade sweaters and cardigans.

We took some photos on the beach the other day. A real autumn day with sun, wind and rain, so don't pay attention to my hair.

Anyway, you can clearly see the diagonal pattern, in the 'arms wide' position and I am very satisfied about the fit and the sleeves.
It was fun to make this diagonal striped sweater and I've been wearing it a few times. Could be my new favorite sweater.

I am considering making another one with a completely different color scheme and smaller stripes.

In the meantime I already received many nice reactions and orders of the crochet pattern, in response to my previous post.

You can download the pattern from my ETSY SHOP.

It's a one-piece sweater in one size (S/ M) and it's easier to make than you might think. The nice thing about this design, is to crochet a unique handmade sweater yourself with your favorite colors.

So if you feel like making your own striped sweater? Jump to my Etsy shop and I look forward to seeing your original versions soon.

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