Sunday, October 18, 2020

b l o e m

b l o e m - vintage neon sign

b l o e m

I love typography. In all kinds, old neon, any cool vintage signs or letters at all literally.

We have collected a lot of vintage letters over the years. The huge R - the R of restaurant - one of the first lucky finds I can remember very well. We spotted it during our summer holidays on Île de Ré. So for us the R stands for Ré.

And over the years many letters have been added to the 'alphabet', a huge green G and random letters from A to Z, some double, but in different fonts and sizes.

Vintage letters are grateful interior objects, you can keep playing and writing with them.

B A Z A R in my studio has been on the wool cabinet for a few years, for it just makes sense.

Henk surprised me last week with a photo of an amazingly beautiful neon sign!
The word b l o e m, dutch for flower! Whether I liked it? 'cause he had reserved it for me... Yes I love it! Moreover, I can't think of any word more appropriate.

It's perfect, the word itself, typography, color, size, couldn't be more alluring. The neon lights are broken, but who cares?

So we made an appointment to pick 'the colossus' up somewhere on the other side of the country. The word consists of two separate parts, which simplified transport.

We've already figured out the perfect spot for b l o e m, on the kitchen wall near the dining table above the houseplant bench. Where the R is now, so we have to find another place for that, haha...

Soon it will be expertly attached to the wall by my colleague Sjaak (because heavy and tricky).

Until then, the mega 'flower' is parked in my workspace. And just because I am so happy with it, I wanted to show it. Needless to say; as soon as the neon sign is on the wall, an update will follow!


  1. Wat een geweldige vondst. En past ook zo bij jou, bloemenmeisje van Villa Augustus.

    1. ja prachtig, ik ben er ook zo blij mee, dat verzin je toch niet?!