Friday, October 23, 2020

spencer made its comeback

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Thé trend of AW 2020 are spencers! Two years ago I designed an easy to follow knitting pattern for a checkered spencer. Remember the knitted checkered spencer? It's knitted in one piece, easy to make in no time.

It seemed a perfect piece in my winter wardrobe, so I made another one, a striped version. Well, actually you can let your imagination run wild with this basic spencer pattern.

I put on my striped spencer today (so funny that after the summer you suddenly discover all new outfits in your own closet)

The woolen spencer has been out of fashion for a long time, but it truly is a stylish item for colder months. You can simply mix it with anything. Wear it over a t-shirt with long sleeves or under a jacket or cardigan. It's perfect for the feminine look, with a blouse, pencil skirt and heels, but can also be combined with pants, even with Adidas track pants ;-)

Mix, don't match. Everything is possible.

Everyone needs a spencer in their winter wardrobe! You can download the SPENCER PATTERN in my Etsy shop. Available in English and Dutch version.

Since the spencer has made a serious comeback in 2020, Pippa asked me to knit her a spencer with cables last week, so that will be my next project ;-)

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